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WordPress Coupon Plugin for Marketers.

WP Coupons was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers to help increase your CTR and conversions. Let’s make more money together!

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WordPress coupon plugin


A minimal and easy to use dashboard with one-click toggles, custom styles, and templates built-in.

Widgets and Shortcodes

Easy to use widgets, templates, and shortcodes which allow you to place coupons anywhere on your site.


We are all about no bloat! Clean code, lightweight at under 40kb, and no JavaScript on the frontend.

Works on All Devices

Our plugin is fully responsive and works across all devices, from desktops and tablets, to mobile phones.


Support straight from the developers of the plugin. We have over 14 years of experience working in WordPress.


We code, develop, and test our plugins to work with all themes and plugins to save you time troubleshooting.

Kind words from our happy customers.

richard lazazzera

Richard Lazazzera
Founder of A Better Lemonade Stand
Finally! I’ve been waiting for nearly 2 years for a plugin just like this. There have been others in the past but nowhere near the attention to detail and polish that this plugin has. Hands down my new favorite tool for providing value to my audience and increasing conversions. – abetterlemonadestand.com
Hesham Zebida

Hesham Zebida
Developer of WPRichSnippets
I am really glad I purchased the WP Coupons plugin, it’s a superb platform for building a full coupons website or creating a coupons section on an already established WordPress site. Since I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the professional look and functionality of the plugin, I highly recommend it. – wprichsnippets.com
Kevin Muldoon

Kevin Muldoon
Blogger and Internet Marketer
The best thing about the plugin is that it works right out of the box. Most of the default settings are fine so you all you really need to do is add your coupons. – kevinmuldoon.com

Ahmed Mohammed Nagdy
Blogger and Multilingual Expert
WP Coupons is a unique plugin. It does exactly what I expected. It helps me promote discounts, deals, and coupons to my visitors with a bunch of great features. Not to mention that its usage and setup is as easy as ABC. – wpcolt.com

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We developed this plugin specifically to help bloggers take a creative approach to promoting products and at the same time increase their CTR and conversions.

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