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WP Coupons Customer Reviews & Feedback

Below are some of the reviews and feedback we have been getting from customers that have tried and are actively using the WP Coupons plugin.

Review from Ben – wpin.me

I love it, I actually bought a license for it as well. I think it adds value to a website and could help keep users longer on your website and obviously help you increase your earnings through affiliate links.

Review from Ahmed Mohammed Nagdy – wpcolt.com

WP Coupons is a unique plugin. It does exactly what I expected. It helps me promote discounts, deals and coupons to my visitors with a bunch of great features. Not to mention that its usage and setup is as easy as ABC.

Review from Hesham Zebida – wprichsnippets.com

I am really glad I purchased WPCoupons plugin, it’s a superb platform for building a full coupons website or creating a coupons section on an already established WordPress site, which makes it an excellent choice. Since I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the professional look and functionality of the plugin, I highly recommend it.

Review from BlogSense – blogsense.com

WP Coupons is fast, feature rich, offers great compatibility, comes ready to use and without a doubt, a must have plugin in the arsenal of every affiliate marketer…

Review from Kevin Muldoon – kevinmuldoon.com

The best thing about the plugin is that it works right out of the box. Most of the default settings are fine so you all you really need to do is add your coupons…”

Feedback from Richard Lazazzera – abetterlemonadestand.com

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for nearly 2 years for a plugin just like this. There’s been others in the past but no where near the attention to detail and polish that this plugin has. Hands down my new favorite tool for providing value to my audience and increasing conversions.”

Feedback from Matija – kasareviews.com

“I have been looking for a plugin which will help me promote discounts, and product deal offers to my site visitors while improving conversions and CTR. I finally found that plugin. WP Coupons is lightweight, easy to set up, looks great, and does the job. Looking forward to more updates and features!”

Feedback from Brad Griffin – bradgriffin.me

If you’re running any type of website: Tutorials, Affiliate Marketing, Teaching Classes, Recipe Blog, or …anything really! …then you’ll NEED this plugin!! The magic benefit of the plugin comes in when you realize that you can “stick” a coupon on a per/post basis. But don’t let the word “coupon” limit your thinking! Once you realize that the “coupon” can be ANY Call-To-Action, that’s when the real BENEFIT of WP Coupons is realized.

Way too many times I see sites that simply FAIL to leave a Call-To-Action above the fold and in CONSTANT CLEAR SIGHT of their site visitor! WP Coupons completely SOLVES that problem! — Product Hunt