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My brother and I run a marketing blog, woorkup.com. We were frustrated that there weren’t any good WordPress plugins out there when it came to helping us increase our conversion rates when trying to display coupons and deals from companies we were promoting. So we decided to develop our own plugin, and so WP Coupons was born. Check out the demos on this site and you can also see it in action on woorkup.com/deals.

Brian Jackson – @brianleejackson

I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at Kinsta and obsessed with SEO, blogging, content marketing, SaaS, webperf, and WordPress. I have been an entrepreneur since a young age. I started drop shipping CDs and DVDs on eBay in the 6th grade and have been obsessed with internet marketing ever since.

WordPress is a huge passion of mine and everything I do has revolved around the WordPress community for the past 10 years.

Brian Jackson

Fun Facts About Me

I have been featured on blogs such as Ahrefs, TweetDis, Robbie Richards, Nich Hacks, CodeInWP, Healthy Wealthy Affiliate, WP Dev Shed, Torque, Glip and more…

  • I am a powerseller on eBay with over 1,600 feedback and a 100% rating.
  • I am a super seller on Flippa with over $20,000 in sales.
  • I sold a web hosting company in college, hosting over 700 websites.
  • I received the Microsoft MVP Award in Windows Expert-IT Pro category.


Brett Jackson

I am a web developer who loves building awesome web applications and of course anything WordPress. I built some of the custom things you see floating around this site like the deals plugin and widget.

Fun Facts About Me

  • If you can think of something you want WordPress to do, I can probably code it.
  • I can really geek out when talking about video games, headphones, or personal finance.

Brett Jackson