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How to customize your coupon archive

Customize your coupon archive.

Enable Custom Template

If checked, this will auto-generate a coupon archive using the archive slug below. Disable this if you would rather use the [[wp_coupons]] shortcode to print the coupon archive inside of a page. This can be useful if your theme has some conflicts with our archive template.

Archive URL

This will change the slug for the coupon archive URL as well as the single coupon URLs. Default: http://example.com/coupons/

Coupon Type Slug

This will change the parent slug for the coupon type pagination URLs used on the coupon archive. This cannot be the same as your Archive URL.

This will change the text for the first navigation element on the coupon archive template and shortcode. Default: All Coupons

This will change the style and placement of your coupon archive navigation.

We have 3 different navigation style options:

  • Default: This will print out all primary nav elements horizontally above your coupon panels.
  • Vertical: This will print out all primary nav elements vertically to the left of your coupon panels.
  • Dropdown: This will store all primary nav elements in a dropdown that will appear above your coupon panels. We use a small bit of inline javascript to automatically redirect the user after an element is selected.

Enable Tag Subnav

If checked, this will enable tags to be used as sub-navigation for the Coupon Archive and Archive Shortcode. You may need to refresh your permalink settings after enabling this option. Default: Unchecked


This will change the layout of the main coupon archive as well as the [[wp_coupons]] shortcode. There are currently four different types of archive layouts.

3 Columns (Default)

The default layout is a 3 column layout.

Coupons 3 column layout
WP Coupons 3 column layout

List View

The list view uses the same size thumbnails, it’s just in a vertical list instead.

WP Coupons list view
WP Coupons list view

List Compact View

The list compact view is great for pages with a sidebar and for those that want to display something not as large.

WP Coupons list compact view
WP Coupons list compact view

List Minimal View

Want an even more stripped down view? That’s what the minimal view is for.

WP Coupons list minimal view
WP Coupons list minimal view

Sort Order

This will change the sort order of the main coupon archive as well as the [[wp_coupons]] shortcode.

Also, see our documentation on other ways you can re-order your coupons.

Post Limit

This will change the number of posts per page displayed in the main Coupon Archive. Default: 9

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