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We are constantly adding new features to the WP Coupons plugin to help you convert even better! Our job is to make your job as an affiliate marketer and blogger easier. Check out the current feature set below.

Display Options

The WP Coupons plugin comes with display options to enable an archive template. You can see a preview of this in our archive demo. You can set your coupon slug/URL, and also adjust the page width and padding. You can also use a shortcode to print out your coupons in case you have any issues with the archive template. Check out a preview of the shortcode demo.

Includes 4 different archive templates: 3 column layout (default), list view, compact list view, and minimal list view.

You can also view our current feature requests and the changelog.

wp coupons display options
wp coupons display options

Style Options

Under the style options you can change the colors for just about every attribute that the plugin outputs.

wp coupons style options
wp coupons style options


There is an extra options section to change the way certain areas of the plugin work. You can force direct links. When checked, this will globally force your coupon button links to go directly to the corresponding discount URL if one is set instead of going to the single coupon post, overriding the individual coupon post direct link setting. This can help decrease clicks and increase conversion rates. This is actually a feature implemented from user feedback.

You can also add custom CSS if you need to customize any additional options that the plugin settings might not handle.

Then there are options if you are using the coupons archive template to add content before and after where the coupons are displayed. This is another feature implemented from user feedback.

wp coupons extras
wp coupons extras


There is a built-in coupon widget that you can use to display on your blog’s sidebar. You can even make your coupon widget scroll as people read down your posts.

wp coupons widget

By default the coupon will randomly rotate on your sidebar between all the coupons you have published. However, you can manually set a coupon per post to show up on your sidebar. This is great for increasing your conversions and CTR as the coupon can be more relevant to the content of your post.

manually set coupon per post


The WP Coupons plugin is fully responsive and scales great on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

wp coupons responsive


Web performance is also very important to us. The plugin doesn’t use any JavaScript and is under 40 KB on the backend and under 2KB on the frontend.

wp coupons performance


We love WordPress and we use this plugin ourselves on all of our sites. We are committed to making it better and helping you earn more! If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact us anytime.