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How to Use Shortcodes

There are two different types of shortcodes you can use with the WP Coupon’s plugin. Below are examples.

Coupon’s Archive Shortcode

The first shortcode you can use is the one show in the Shortcode 1 Demo. This shortcode allows you to display the archive template for your coupons. Simply use the following on any page or post.


You can also add additional information, such as this example.

[wp_coupons layout="list" limit="9" type="themes" tag="summer 2016" nav="false"]

  • layout – The visual layout of the coupon panels displayed. Not Required. Defaults to Archive Layout value set in Display Options.
    • Options: (list, list-compact, list-minimal)
  • limit – The maximum number of posts to display per page. Not Required, Default: 9
  • type – The coupon type you wish to display. This will cause the shortcode to only pull in coupons from that type. Will also filter the nav type elements to match the given type. Not Required.
  • tag – The coupon tag you wish to display. This will cause the shortcode to only pull in coupons that have the given tag. Not Required.
  • nav – If set to ‘false’, this will hide the primary coupon type navigation. Not Required, Default: true

Individual Coupon Shortcode

You can also grab the individual shortcode for each coupon itself, as shown in Shortcode 2 Demo.

Step 1

Click into one of your coupons to edit it, and at the bottom you will see that it generates a unique shortcode for it.

shortcode wp coupons

Step 2

Simply use that shortcode on any page or post. See example below.

[coupon id="22"]

  • id – The id of the coupon post that you want to display. Required

And this is what it outputs.

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We also have an additional template option to use with the single coupon shortcode if you only want to display the coupon code by itself.

[coupon id="15" template="codeonly"]


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