Last Updated: 04.25.17

If you have a feature you would like added, feel free to contact us. Below are features we either have already planned or are discussing.

Coming in Next Update

  • [04.25.17] Add prepend permalink structure option.
  • [04.23.17] Bug fix for overflow titles in layout 2.
  • [04.04.17] Take certain coupons out of rotation to increase CTR on best converters.

Pending (Under Discussion)

  • [04.17.17] Widget option to show multiple (3-4) coupons at once, but smaller.
  • [03.23.17] Make coupon archive searchable for sites with a large amount of coupons.
  • [01.23.17] Make searchable (location + map, Tweet)
  • [10.11.16] Add info popup like RetailMeNot.
  • [08.07.16] Option to randomize when using shortcode option.
  • [07.29.16] Add not working option and ability to add link to contact.
  • [07.19.16] Add featured advertising section above archive printout.
  • [07.02.16] Additional options for expiring coupons.
  • [06.14.16] Allow alternate layout, coupon on top with description underneath
  • [06.12.16] Make plugin translation ready (Czech specific request)
  • [06.09.16] AJAX filtering (optional feature, only load JavaScript when enabled for performance)
  • [06.09.16] Different display options (coupon code on first view)


  • [02.27.17] Fix breadcrumb on coupon single post to match URL slug naming (props Tobias)
  • [08.18.16] Undefined index warnings
  • [07.15.16] Make widget attribution link nofollow.
  • [06.25.16] Access main archive template page for Yoast, SEO
  • [06.12.16] Allow shortcodes to work within plugin descriptions


  • [11.30.16] Additional layout options on single post template (FB discussion). (view layouts)
  • [04.16.17] Add shortcode support to the before and after content sections on the archive template.
  • [02.27.17] Integrate optional clipboard.js (only 3kb) for copy to clipboard functionality.
  • [02.15.17] Add support for post meta options on custom post types (Tweet)
  • [12.29.16] Option to add CSS classes to the custom single coupon template container div.
  • [10.08.16] Page template option.
  • [09.11.16] Option to open link in same window.
  • [08.21.16] Ability to universally set coupon on widget.
  • [08.12.16] Ability to show coupon code on widget.
  • [08.12.16] Better distinguish coupon code on widget/single posts.
  • [07.15.16] Option to set individual coupon post links to nofollow
  • [07.08.16] Option to display “powered by WP Coupons.” Allows affiliates to earn extra commissions.
  • [07.03.16] Shortcode option to hide navigation.
  • [07.03.16] Display option to force coupon widget to display specific coupon when on the home page (blog archive).
  • [07.02.16] Tagging for coupons, and then allow display filtering via shortcode.
  • [06.25.16] Make sure “coupons” doesn’t show if you change slug to something else.
  • [06.25.16] Enter text above and beneath the main coupon archive page.
  • [06.09.16] Universal option to enable direct linking
  • [06.08.16] Option in backend to go directly to link, skipping the single coupon page
  • [06.07.16] Ability to change font sizes in plugin options
  • [06.07.16] Custom CSS box to allow easier overriding of styles
  • [06.07.16] Increase limit on coupon character count descriptions (after font size customizations are implemented)
  • [06.01.16] Affiliate Program

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