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How to configure related coupons

Configure related coupons.

Display Related Coupons

If checked, a row of related coupons will be displayed below your post content. See below to manage which locations you would like related coupons to show up. Default: Unchecked


Please select the post types you would like your related coupons to show up on. Default: Coupons


This will change the layout of your related coupons.

View some visual examples of all of the available layouts in our Coupon Archive documentation.

Heading Text

This will change the text that is displayed above your related coupons. Default: Related Coupons

Heading Tag

This will control the HTML tag used to display the heading above your related coupons.

Custom Hook

This will cause the related coupons section to print out on the specified hook instead of directly after the_content.

Custom Hook Priority

When using the previous option to print related coupons on a custom hook, this will set the priority that the function prints in relation to others using the same hook.

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