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How to install and activate WP Coupons for the first time

After you purchase the plugin you will receive an email with the download link to the plugin. Follow the steps below to install the WP Coupons plugin and activate it with your license key. This will ensure you will get all the automatic updates and new features we push out.

Step 1

Click on the link in your email and you can download the .zip file ( for the plugin.

You can also download this from your account. Click on “View Details and Downloads.” Scroll down to “Products” and click on the link.

Download WP Coupons plugin
Download WP Coupons plugin

Step 2

In your WordPress dashboard click into “Plugins” and then on “Add New.”

wordpress plugins add new

Step 3

Click on “Upload Plugin” and select the file.

wordpress upload plugin

Step 4

After you have installed the plugin and activated it, click on “Settings” in your dashboard and click into “WP Coupons.”

wordpress wp coupons settings

Step 5

Click into the “License” tab, enter your license key which you got in your email, and click on “Activate License.” You can also find your license key within your account. This will ensure you will get all the updates and new features we push out.

register wp coupons

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