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How to change WP Coupons extras

Extra options to change the way certain areas of the plugin work.

This option controls where coupon URLs are opened when direct links are enabled. Default: New Tab (_blank)

Force NoFollow

When checked, this will globally force any of your direct links to be set to nofollow for SEO purposes. This overrides the individual coupon post nofollow setting.

Enable Clipboard.js

When checked, this will enable Clipboard.js and display a “Copy” button on your Coupon Codes.

When checked, this will prepend your coupon permalinks with your front base (‘with_front’ => true). Default: Unchecked

When checked, this will prevent your coupons from showing up in front end search results. Default: Unchecked

Enable Comment Support

When checked, this will enable comment support for your coupon posts. Default: Unchecked

This option is only meant to enable support for comments on the registration of the coupon custom post type. After enabling this option, you may still need to allow comments on the actual coupon posts for them to display.

Custom Template Container Class

Here you can add a CSS class that will be added to the custom single coupon template container div. If adding multiple classes, add a space between each one.

Custom CSS

Add your custom css here.

Before Archive Content

Add content here to print above your coupons on the main archive template.

After Archive Content

Add content here to print below your coupons on the main archive template.

Coupon Management Roles

Choose which roles have access to manage Coupon posts.

Clean Uninstall

When enabled, this will cause all WP Coupons options data to be removed from your database when the plugin is uninstalled.

Accessibility Mode

Disable the use of visual UI elements in the plugin settings such as checkbox toggles and hovering tooltips. Check out how to enable accessibility mode.

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