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SEO WP Coupons Archive Page

Some people might want to SEO their main WP Coupons archive page. We are a big fan of the WordPress...
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Sizing Your Images

Your main coupon archive will look best if your coupon featured images are all the same size. You’ll want to...
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How to Change WP Coupons Extras

Extra options to change the way certain areas of the plugin work. Force Direct Links When checked, this will globally...
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Manually Set Coupon Per Post

Within each blog post there is an option on the right-hand side to manually set which coupon you want to...
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Naming Your WordPress Coupons

Be careful when you are naming your coupons or deals. Some affiliate programs don’t let you use the term “Coupon”...
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Translating WP Coupons

WP Coupons translation files are located in the wp-coupons/languages directory. In the languages folder, you’ll find any existing translation files...
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WP Coupons Open Graph Tags

When working with generated archive pages, it can be difficult to get all the Open Graph tags that you want...
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